Mitel 6730a analogni telefon

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Analogue Desktop Phone  Mitel 6730a is an advanced analog speaker (handsfree) telephone designed for professional use and is powered online through the iPBX (analog board), PSTN line or analog Terminal adapter (ATA) analog port, which it is connected to. This professional telephone has a great variety of functions such as; handsfree, headset supoort, CLIP, call log management, volume settings and phone lock. It also has a multilingual function with 6 languages available. The Aastra 6730a Analogue Desktop Phone can be mounted to the wall or used as a desktop phone.


  • 3-line LCD screen display
  • Adjustable screen contrast
  • Keypad navigation to scroll through the menu
  • Full duplex hadsfree
  • Headset support
  • 1 LED for alarms and missed calls
  • 4 keys with LED
  • 8 memory keys with LED to store up to 16 numbers
  • Directory of 100 records
  • Call log: last 50 dialed numbers and last 50 calls (answered and missed)
  • Call ID display (name and number of the caller)
  • Clock/alarm
  • 6 available languages: English (default), French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Dutch
  • Unlocking key
  • 3 levels to adjust the volume: high, low and silent
  • 8 ringtones available
  • Adjust the handset volume using 4 levels that are displayed as icons on the LCD screen
  • Speaker volume adjustment for hands-free function with 8 levels displayed as icons on the LCD screen
  • Volume adjustment of headphones using 4 levels that are displayed as icons on the LCD screen
  • Adjust the frequency of LED flash notifications (300ms in default)
  • Adjust the date and time
  • Wall mountable with optional wall kit
  • Integrated DECT headset (coming soon)
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